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Modern Chiropractic Chicago Reviews

At Modern Chiropractic Chicago, you’re never treated as just another number. Our doctors and therapists care for and listen to our patients. We desire to help everyone with individualized care and a wide variety of treatment options available in the office. We invite you to read below what some of his patients have to say about his care. Then contact us for any additional questions or to make your appointment!

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Knowledgeable and Attentive

Dr. Backhaus is very knowledgeable and attentive with listening to my areas of concerns, and explaining treatment options. He was able to help alleviate some of my jaw pain and mobility after the first treatment session. I am grateful for Dr. Backhaus’ expertise and look forward to continually improving my condition with his help.

– Claudia L.

I Felt So Much Better

I found my chiropractic care team and I knew that within the first 5 minutes of my first appointment at Modern Chiropractic Chicago. I’m grateful that I felt safe and welcome as a queer person, I felt heard and seen by Dr. Backhaus, and I felt so much better after my treatment.

– Avery G.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Really excited to be working with Dr. B through my pregnancy and postpartum journey! I have been experiencing a lot of discomfort with the pregnancy, but after my first visit, I feel confident Dr. B’s thoroughness and excellent bedside manner, I’ll be feeling better soon and well prepared for delivery.

– Tiffany P.

Worth More Than 5 Stars!

Dr. Backhaus has helped me for many years with different problem areas. Also great acupuncture for my migraines and stressed areas. So great that he has helped my mom, other family members and friends. Still all the way from Hawaii I ask him questions that he sends me exercises and my beloved CBD oil. He is worth more than 5 stars!

I Am Very Grateful

I had a number of concerns when I came in and Dr. Backhaus very patiently provided detailed explanations for them all. I left with better alignment and peace of mind, both of which I am very grateful for.

– Anisha B.

100% Recommended

“The facility is very clean and quiet. I have been a patient of Susan’s for many years. She is interested in the individual not just giving a massage and taking your money. She is very personable and I always feel better when I schedule a routine massage. I 100% recommend her.”

– Rachel F.

No More Pain!

I herniated 2 lower discs 13 years ago which I reinjured this past July 4th. The pain was as horrific as it was the first time. I really thought my summer was over knowing how long it took me to recover the last time under another’s chiropractor’s care. It is just 3 weeks later and I have no pain, am able to sit for long periods at my desk all day, I’m back at the gym, and enjoying my summer. The way he staged and scaled treatments with each visit accelerated my healing significantly.

2 thumbs up. 6 out of 5 stars rating. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved my summer of 2018.

– David P.

Great place to go!

Dr. Backhaus took the time to talk through all of my medical history, prior injuries, and not only listened but spoke intelligently to the potential causes and treatment options. He really kept a holistic view, not just focusing on specific area of pain but potential other weaknesses that may also need to be addressed. He has started his own practice after working for years in a hospital and I really appreciated his whole demeanor and approach. Great place to go!!

– Beth P.

Help after Car Accident

I’d recently been in a car accident and found myself with increasing pain in my neck and back, and had extremely limited range of motion in both. I finally decided it was time to find a local chiropractor. I found Dr. Backhaus was near and had favorable reviews so I gave them a call.

Dr. Backhaus worked with me to develop a treatment plan and schedule that not only met my therapeutic needs but also provided a home treatment plan. He was sure to provide instruction and visual models for each of the home exercises that I was assigned. I was not only able to prevent re-injury while progressing at a steady pace, I was eventually able to strengthen the injured areas and regain my previous range of motion.

I feel confident that it’s because of Dr. Backhaus’ treatments and the continuity of the home exercises that he taught and prescribed; alongside his natural “whole person” approach to patient care, that I’m as well as I am today.

– T. D. Williams, A Healthier and Happier Client

Hip and Back Pain Relief

I knew that something was seriously wrong when I went jumping and lunging for a ball during a tennis match, and heard a popping and or clicking sound in my hip. The next day I was in so much pain, I could hardly walk or move around, and I could barely lift my leg up even an inch to put my pants on. Rather than incur the expense and time of going to and waiting for hours in the emergency room, I decided to get a free sports injury evaluation first. During my evaluation I was told that it seemed to be a severe labral hip tear that would most likely require surgery, and I was given the name of a couple of top surgeons. I decided to get a second opinion and started conducting my own online research, and found Dr. Bradley Backhaus.

Although I was somewhat skeptical, I decided to give Dr. Backhaus a try in my desperate hope of being able to go the most minimally invasive route and avoid surgery. To my absolute amazement and satisfaction, Dr. Backhaus was able to just about fix my hip and relieve me of the excruciating pain I was in, in only two sessions, which included chiropractic work, acupuncture, strengthening exercises. I did a few more treatments/sessions with him, learned more strengthening and stability exercises, and now my hip is in great shape.

Several months later, I improperly lifted several heavy 5-gallon bottles of water and pulled my back out. Once again, Dr. Backhaus fixed my back with just a couple of sessions, which included chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and strengthening exercises. Dr. Backhaus is very gifted, knowledgeable, an expert in his field, and a true healer. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone I meet. He even took the time and care to add in some acupuncture points to help increase my energy level, and reduce stress while I was studying for exams, which helped me tremendously in getting through a very stressful period.

– Michelle I.

Dancer finds Relief with Chiropractic

I am a choreographer/dancer. Dr. Backhaus successfully treated me for hip, knee and lower back pain. Prior to being treated by Dr. Backhaus, I thought surgery was my only solution. Dr. Backhaus took the time to explain to me how I obtained these injuries as they specifically pertained to my dance activity. Through treatments of chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture I was reborn! No pain whatsoever. I am in a partnership with Dr. Backhaus where he shows me easy to do exercises at home, while receiving treatment in his office. Although pain-free, I continue to see Dr. Backhaus on a regular basis for maintenance adjustments and acupuncture. I consider investment in my health the #1 top priority.

– Frances S.

Cosmetic Acupuncture helped How I Look and Feel

As someone in my late 40s, I take care of my body with a healthy diet and exercise, but I’m also interested in finding natural ways of caring for my skin. I learned about the benefits of acupuncture for facial rejuvenation from Dr. Backhaus and decided to give it a try. I’ve always been uncomfortable with needles, so I was a bit skeptical at first. Happily, the needles are so thin; I barely could barely feel them. The procedure itself is extremely relaxing – I usually fall asleep once the needles are placed. I just finished my sixth treatment in a series of ten.

At this point, I can see a noticeable improvement in my appearance, which others have noticed as well. My skin color is more even and my face looks more taut – especially my neck and jawline. Wrinkles are less noticeable and my face looks fuller. On top of that, I feel more energized overall. Dr. Backhaus has treated me not only with acupuncture, but also with chiropractic therapy for lower back pain.

-Robert M. Chicago, IL

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